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Tiny Salon & Offices


These Tiny Models by Ovat Homes are our Signature Collection of Custom Luxury Tiny Salons and Offices

Own Your Business


We’re giving control back to business processionals, stylists and beauty professionals. You’re no longer limited to working for someone else or renting a chair at a salon. It’s time to take control over your own business with our premium Tiny Offices & Salons on wheels that offer maximum convenience and versatility. Now you can enjoy the satisfaction of running your business how you want to, for nearly the same cost of renting an office or a salon chair rental


Base price starting at $60,000


Floor Plans

Tiny Home Floor Plans - Square.png
Tiny Salon Floor Plan - 2 Chair.png


100% Turn Key Luxury Designs
High-end styling and finishes to match your
brand and business aesthetic
More Flexibility in your salon's location - bring
your salon with you!
Air Conditioning / Heating Unit
Double Pane Vinyl Windows + Front Door
ADA Compliant Restroom
Custom Trailer Chassis with brakes
Build Equity + Value, just like owning a home
Better online visibility - unique address and
location options
Maintain a better work/life balance
Greater productivity and efficiency
No longer limited to working for someone else 
or renting a chair at  salon
Standard Hitch
Metal Roofing
Recessed Lighting
Cedar Ceilings
Make your own equipment selection(s)
Sizes starting at 24FT



Tiny Salon - 2 Chairs

Sizes: 24ft

Base Price: $60,000

Tiny Salon - 1 Chair

Sizes: 24ft

Base Price: $60,000

Business Financing


Fill out the form below to receive pre-approval for Ovat Home's Business Financing!

Business Loans for Qualified Businesses
Business Equipment Leasing for Tiny Salons
All programs include a $1.00 purchase option
at the end of the lease and no penalty for
Unlike other forms of financing, business
equipment leasing does not require a large
down payment.
You can protect your line of credit: Leasing does not show up as a liability on your balance sheet, thus preserving borrowing power for other business needs, such as inventory and payroll
You gain tax advantages: As a business expense,
lease payments may be 100 percent tax deductible
as opposed to only depreciation and interest
deductions for bank financed equipment, resulting
in a full write-off over the term of the lease

Thanks for submitting!

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