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RVIA Certified


The Comforts Of Home And The Office With The Benefits Of The Outdoors. Recreate Responsibly In An RV.

Recreational Vehicle Industry Association is an RVIA Certified Manufacturer - What does this mean for you?

Your Safety

Licensed Manufacturers must have random inspections, adhere to over 500 safety codes and have each tiny home to affirm adherence to these codes. These codes cover Electrical, Plumbing, Heating, Fire Safety, Brake Lights and more. Though these safety features should be standard, non-certified builders often eliminate these items to save costs. These include proper fire egress and road worthiness.

Financing Options

As members of the RVIA and NOAH, customers who purchase tiny homes from us have more options when it comes to financing your dream tiny home. Aside from our leading lender for tiny homes in the U.S., you'll be able to obtain financing from a wider list of lenders including credit unions.


Classification is important when it comes to tiny home insurance. RVIA has started classifying tiny homes built by approved manufacturers as Certified Rvs. Only a few companies, such as, are licensed to build RVIA Tiny Homes. Insurance companies understand this classification and it will be easier to secure RV Insurance. 

Parking Options

Having an RV Certification opens up more options on where you can park your Tiny Home. Local and State Laws support RVs and you may be able to park your tiny home on your property. You will however need to research your local laws and regulations on where a tiny home can be placed. RV Certified Tiny Homes are welcomed at many RV Resorts nationwide which offer all necessary hookups for water, electricity and septic. 

Re-Sale Options

RV Certification makes it easier to sell your Tiny Home. RVIA Certification allows potential buyers to obtain financing. This is critical since most buyers are unable to pay in full, in cash on a used Tiny Home. A buyer will also have more confidence in the purchase knowing the Tiny Home was built to RV code.

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