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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a Tiny Home?

All of our homes are Custom built to order. Turnaround time for delivery of your tiny home will depend on where you are in our build schedule. Construction typically lasts 8 to 12 weeks, depending on the size of the tiny house and your personalizations.

Why Opt for a Tiny Home on wheels?

There are many reasons why people choose this type of dwelling. For some, the fact that the unit is mobile allows them to settle on land where fixed buildings are not allowed. For others, the tiny house on wheels will serve them for the first years and will be relocated as a cottage or second home. Our mobile buildings can also serve as a retirement home, set up as an ADU on a property instead of converting it into a bi-generation. Mobility allows more nomadic people to move their home without having to start from scratch with a new purchase. Also, recreational vehicle connection options allow you to settle on any camping site.

Where do you deliver your Tiny Homes?

We deliver Tiny Homes throughout the United States.

Where can I park my Tiny Home?

We encourage you to contact your local zoning and building officials in the city or county that you would like to live in to see if they one, allow tiny homes on wheels. RV parks are becoming increasingly tiny home friendly. Often it just takes a phone call to see if they will allow a tiny home.

How do you move a Tiny Home?

Most tiny houses on wheels are moved by trucks usually the equivalent of a Ford F150 or F250 depending on the weight of the home. We see a lot of people hiring a moving company to move their home and this is our preferred method. Its a good thing to check they are licensed and have insurance for the total weight of the tiny house AND the weight of the their truck.

I really like a floor plan, but want to make changes. Am I able to do so?

Absolutely! All of our Tiny Homes are custom built so we can definitely make changes

What type of Utility Hookups do our Tiny Homes have?

ELECTRICITY: There is a 50 amp exterior plug that powers the whole house. This is an RV style plug and can connect to 50 amp service or power poles that you see at campgrounds and RV resorts
WATER IN: A pressurized water source, whether from a utility provider, well, or cistern, can provide water for the entire tiny house.

Are your Tiny Homes RV Certified?

We manufacture each structure directly on a trailer chassis. Each tiny house we manufacture is certified as a Recreational Vehicle (RV) or Park Model. We adhere to strict manufacturing guidelines to ensure your tiny house RV is top quality! With regular inspections by RVIA, you can be sure our product is being built to the highest standard.

Is it easier to sell an RV-Certified Tiny Home?

An RV-certified Tiny House is much easier to sell again if you wish to. All our RVs are certified to both USA and Canadian standards, so you can resell them anywhere across the USA and Canada. 

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